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Our program is known as Finding Words/Child First - Forensic Interviewing Training (FW/CF - NJ). We train investigators including assistant prosecutors, detectives, and child protection workers on how to interview children who are victims of crime using the Finding Words Protocol. As an actor for our program, you will work to portray an abused child between the ages of 4-14 in the mock interview portion of our training. Each training consists of two days with about 8-10 actor interviews per training.

To become an actor in our program, we ask that you attend a paid training program to learn the interview protocol and see veteran actors performing in the role of a child victim. Training consists of 1-2 days where you learn the forensic interviewing protocol and key elements of victim behavior. The pay for each training/observation day will be pro-rated. After you complete the orientation, you then will be able to become an actor for our program. Pay for the training days will be processed after your first performance as an actor for our program.

To act in the program, you will portray two different characters in the two days of your performance. You will be provided with an intake sheet/actor scenario for each character. A typical training day will consist of two working days, usually a Thursday (10am - 4pm) and Friday (9am – 12pm). The training is held throughout New Jersey. We make and pay for accommodations in a nearby hotel for two nights if requested. We supply breakfast and lunch on your training days. The pay for each actor will be dependent on distance to the training facility for that specific training. For your 2-day performance, we pay three hundred and fifty (350$) dollars (if you travel within 50 miles of the training facility) or four hundred and fifty (450$) dollars (if you travel more than 50 miles to the training facility). This stipend for your performance covers your professional time and travel permissible by grant requirements.

Fill out the application if you are interested in becoming part of FW/CF NJ! We look forward to hearing from you.

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