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Kristine Hodshon, Psy.D.

Kristine Hodshon, Psy.D. is a child and adolescent psychologist at the Child Abuse Research Education and Service (CARES) Institute at the Rowan University-School of Osteopathic Medicine. At the CARES Institute, Dr. Hodshon provides treatment for children who have experienced maltreatment and is a certified Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) clinician. She also provides brief mental health assessments for children entering the foster care system in New Jersey and Comprehensive Psychological/Sexual Abuse Evaluations in cases where there continue to be questions regarding potential sexual abuse despite completion of investigations. Dr. Hodshon is involved in several statewide training and quality initiates in NJ, including serving as faculty on NJ Finding Words. Previously, she served as a consultant for The New Jersey Coordination Center (NJCC) for Child Abuse & Neglect Forensic Evaluation and Treatment at Rutgers University, which is charged with implementing statewide quality improvement programs that promote advances in knowledge, policy and practice within the field of child abuse and neglect forensic evaluation and treatment.

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