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Stacie Lick,
Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office

Capt. Stacie Lick began her law enforcement career with the with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office Division of Criminal Justice in 2000 where she was employed for three years. In 2003, she took a position as a Detective in the Major Crimes Unit at the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office. Capt. Lick was in the Major Crimes Unit for 13 years where she investigated homicides, suicides, physical assaults and sexual assaults. Capt. Lick specializes in crimes against children, specifically, physical and sexual assaults involving children, missing children, child fatalities and human trafficking.


She is a member of the Gloucester County Multi-Disciplinary Team who works closely with the Gloucester County Victim/Witness Unit to assure services for the children.  From 2017-2020, Capt. Lick assisted in the application and receipt funding from the Division of Children and Families to build and equip the Child Advocacy Center of Gloucester County which created a safe place for children to share their stories of abuse to forensically trained interviewers.  In 2020, she applied and received accreditation of the CAC by National Children’s Alliance which entailed creating policies and procedures for the CAC and assuring that the Gloucester County is in compliance with its standards.  Capt. Lick was promoted to Lieutenant in February of 2019 and was tasked with creating and managing the first Special Victims Unit at the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office. In this roll, Capt. Lick was tasked with creating the first Special Victims Unit of the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office to include the selection of personnel, the creation of polices and protocols for the unit, the MDT response to allegations of child abuse, the creation of case tracking measures to adhere to Attorney General Guideline 2018-5 and the training of all personnel of the MDT who respond to these investigations.  Subsequently, she was promoted to her current rank in February 2023.

Capt. Lick has been an instructor for the New Jersey Finding Words Program since 2005.  As an instructor with the program, she has trained all law enforcement personnel, Assistant Prosecutors, Division of Youth and Family Service staff and medical personnel in the South Jersey region the process for interviewing children who have been abused.  Capt. Lick has spent her career combatting crimes against children and training those who are responsible for these investigations with her main focus being the concerns of the child victims.

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